Crown and Feathers is a range of merino accessories and homewares designed by Kate Watts.

Together we make a range of merino gloves and scarves, items that are both practical and beautiful. Aesthetics are important to me, I don’t think that beauty is frivolous or unimportant – our lives are complicated and busy. A vintage floral cushion, some pretty plates, a small ceramic sculpture – each of these items can bring small moments of joy to everyday.

Our gloves and scarves are made by a small team of awesome people across the lower South Island of New Zealand. I start off by getting the best merino I can get our hands on. From there we get our gloves cut by a small local garment manufacturer in Dunedin. We print all of our gloves, scarves and tea towels in our Dunedin workroom. From there your gloves go out to our two lovely machinists who work from home in North and South Canterbury, back to the workroom to be pressed, then I wrap them, and send them out to all of our lovely retailers across the country, and to you, all over the world!

Our fingerless gloves are useful- our winters aren’t very warm in the south island. Our gloves will warm up your hands, but leave your fingers free to work and play. Useful without being utilitarian – I design them to add that finishing touch to your outfit, a special detail for everyday.

When I am designing I try to relax and to walk around with an open mind, soaking in colour and textures around me. I often start with a walk through native bush, followed by a trip to the museum. I’m inspired by the natural world – I’ll often stop and take pictures of flowers and leaves wherever I am, watching the changing forms and colours as the seasons change. I’m also influenced by vintage textiles and wallpapers, old letters, and found objects like feathers and seed pods.

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